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Ozone: Nature's healing gas

Ozone destroys bacteria and viruses as well as removing pathogens and pollutants that cause bad odours.

-           Ozone destroys chemicals:

-           Ozone destroys pathogens.

-           Ozone purifies water

-           Ozone disinfects air

-           Ozone remove odours

-           Ozone eventually becomes oxygen


Ozone is naturally created in nature by lightning discharges during a thunder storm. Ozone can also be mechanically generated with an ozone generator. Ozone (O3) is composed of three atoms of oxygen lightly bound together. One of those atoms can easily break away and form regular oxygen (O2) and a single oxygen atom (O1). Through oxidation, the single oxygen atom is capable of producing amazing healing results.


The healing abilities of Ozone

Ozone is a particularly safe therapy to use provided that certain restrictions are respected.

More than 100 years of research and medical administration of ozone have shown that virtually no pathogen (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) or abnormal and diseased bodily cells are resistant to ozone. Ozone also helps relieve pain and inflammation.

Ozone detoxifies the body by breaking down toxins and heavy metals and helps build up healthy cells, tissues, organs and systems. In this way ozone helps the body to restore proper health leading to increased overall wellness and life quality.

Ozone is a natural gas that we breathe daily. It is created when oxygen (O2) molecules are split into two separate atoms by ultra violet radiation from the sun, lightning, and electric arc. The freed atoms recombine in 3-atom groups to form cousins of oxygen: ozone (O3). The word ozone comes from the Greek word "ozein" meaning smell, because of its distinctive sun-ray lamp smell. Ozone is natures way of cleaning pollution from our atmosphere.

Ozone tends to react with other substances by attaching the third oxygen atom to the other substance, thereby oxidizing it.

Many of us have heard weather reports where the ozone levels were referred to in conjunction with pollution levels. Ozone is present in smog because certain processes that create pollution also produce ozone. Ozone recombines with those same pollutants and neutralizes them by breaking them down into water, carbon dioxide, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen.

Generated low levels of ozone used for water purification prove very successful, as it is possibly the most powerful antibiotic, sanitizer and deodorant known to man. It doesn’t merely mask harmful substances or smells – it seeks them out and eliminates them.

The highest natural levels of ozone are found at the seashore and in forest/mountain locations, places where you automatically feel refreshed. The invigorating air after a thunderstorm is as a result of ozone, so is the smell of naturally dried laundry on a clothesline.


Perhaps you are a smoker or live with someone who smokes or maybe work with people who do. That is a worrying scenario as cigarette smoke has over 3,600 chemicals. Ozone will break those chemicals down into their basic molecular components, neutralizing them. It is capable of destroying tar, soot and oil in the lungs, benzene, vinyl chloride and other hydrocarbons. Having performed this task the ozone itself reverts to just plain oxygen!

Dr. Hulda Clark regularly warns about the dangers of airborne gasses such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and chemical pollutants given off by carpets, wallpaper, and furniture.

Take for example formaldehyde. When formaldehyde is infiltrated by ozone it breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen. Well worth bearing in mind if you have pollutants in your house or workplace like these that you are not in a position to remove.

Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas and cannot be detected easily. It bonds with human blood 600 times faster than oxygen. Ozone changes carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, a harmless gas. Solvents from fresh paint are instantly neutralized by ozone as are cooking smells, animal odors, cigarette smoke, garbage smells and mildew, etc.

In some countries people wear tiny ozone generators around their neck just for this reason – to neutralize pollutants, perhaps on a journey through heavily polluted areas. Bacteria, molds, fungi and even mildew are destroyed when they react with ozone as the outer membranes or ‘shells’ of these micro-organisms contain receptors that absorb ozone to their own demise. They are anaerobic, meaning that they can thrive only where oxygen levels are depleted. Ozone increases oxygen levels. Viruses can also be destroyed by ozone on contact.

In the case of polio only 0.012ppm removes all viral cells in seconds. As you know there isn’t an effective antibiotic that will touch a virus.

Ozone kills microorganisms by rupturing their cell walls. Healthy cells are not damaged because of their self protective mechanisms. Ozone has a half life of 20 minutes and thus should be used within the first 5-10 minutes to assure its strength and consumed on an empty stomach to allow it to be absorbed into the blood stream. It can cause an initial drop in energy and feeling 'sickly' due to the die-off of pathogens it killed. It is especially damaging to cancerous cells.

Ozone in water as dilute as 1ug/ml is anti-microbial. It increases the phagocytic (pathogen eating) action of white blood cells. Ozone also changes the electrical charge of blood cell membranes so that they won't clump together, which increases their ability to absorb oxygen and release it to tissues. Ozone activates both monocytes and lymphocytes. It increases the oxygen supply to the brain. It improves oxygenation and metabolism (by accelerating the Citric Acid Cycle which is the main cycle for the liberation of energy from sugars). With the use of it (usually injected) doctors have reported 100's of cases of HIV blood count reversal, loss of AIDS symptoms, tumour shrinkage and disappearance and cure of systemic infections such as Hepatitis, staphylococcal infection, and meningitis. Ozonated water is also used to treat many types of intestinal & gynaecological problems including ulcerative colitis, duodenal ulcers, gastritis, diarrhoea, and vulvovaginitis.

The Rife Health Ozonators can do all of the above.


The Rife Health Ozonator

The Rife Health ozone generators can make Ozonated Water, which can be ingested as often as desired. The effects of drinking ozonated water on a regular basis can be very healthful. People with serious disease conditions will notice more-pronounced effects in a shorter space of time than those who are in good health, but the benefits of ozonated water are realized by all who use it, whether you have a serious health concern or not. The ozone from the ozonated water passes into the bloodstream via the stomach/small intestines and provides the benefits of ozone without the need for expensive equipment.


  “The Rife Health Ozonator” can not only ozonates water but also clean the air in a room. Most other portable ozone generators can just do one of the two. 


Thanks to its timer, one can set “The Ozonator” to run from 1 minute up  to 30 min. 5 min to ozonate a glass of water. 10 minutes to ozonate a jug of water. 20 minutes to ozonate a cup of olive oil (To apply to wounds) and 30 minutes to ozonate air in a room.

The Ozonator is ideally suited to ozonate water and purifies air as well as for ‘bagging” (Wound healing). Please note that the Ozonator is completely safe as it automatically switches off when it has completed its cycle.