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Rife Therapy and the South African Law.

The Rife Health resonators are not medical instruments. There is not even a classification by the South African Department of Health for such a device. The closest classification is for a pain stilling device. Although some resonator manufacturers have classified their instruments as pain stilling devices, Rife Health has not opted for this route and decided not to be limited then to only generate those frequencies that may reduce pain and muscle spasms but rather be allowed the generate the full spectrum of resonance therapy frequencies. A resonator is nothing else but a frequency generator that generates square waves at a very fast raising time. The advantage however of Rife Health’s instruments is that they are user-friendly frequency generators set up according to the requirements of resonance therapists and they have the added advantage that they are pre-programmed with those frequencies that supposedly have healing capabilities. Note that Rife Health does not claim that their instruments per se have healing capabilities; only that the instruments can generate those “healing” frequencies that Dr. Royal Rife found to be beneficial in his research. Rife Health has, however, a money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the results. There is thus no risk for the consumer investing in a Rife Health resonator.


The Rife Health resonators, however, carry the following European Union’s safety certifications for medical devices:

EN 60601-1-2:2001      (Safety requirements for medical electrical systems)

EN 55011           (Scientific and Medical Radio-Frequency Equipment)

EN 61000-4-2             (Electrostatic Discharge)

EN 61000-4-3             (Electromagnetic field immunity test)

EN 61000-4-8             (Power Frequency Magnetic Fields)

All its components carry the necessary internationally certified quality and specification marks. It has passed all its relevant tests and therefore complies with type BF safety requirements. It is safe for human and animal use and is not classified or registered as a radioactive medical device. It does not interfere with other electronic equipment.



Although the medical establishment, in general, is not yet aware of the healing attributes of magnetic resonance, there are certainly plenty of signs that this will be changing in the near future.

In South Africa, thanks to the South African government’s health policy that encourages natural healing methods, an environment for a revival and growth of resonance therapy has been established.


As natural healing therapies based on technology (Such as ozone and resonance therapy) are not being frowned on any more many members of the South African medical fraternity accepted resonance therapy as a complementary therapy in their practices. South Africa’s medical professionals are internationally recognised for their high standard of medical proficiency. Just because of clinical research is currently limited on this subject the efforts of individual South African medical practitioners to gain more information on the healing attributes of magnetic resonance should not be hampered by peer victimisation and status quo ignorance, but rather encouraged. The fact that many members of the South African medical fraternity are seriously investigating resonance therapy may lead that a South African makes a medical breakthrough in the treatment of cancer and AIDS with resonance therapy.


Having said this there are several medical (GP’s, surgeons, dentists, etc) as well as homeopathic practitioners in South Africa using these instruments. There was even an article in both the “Huisgenoot” and “You” magazines about medical doctors discovering the healing capabilities of resonance therapy.

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