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The Health Pod

Incorporating the best of ozone and resonance therapies in a pod. The pod is ideally suited as an added value for salons, gimnasiums, sport clubs, wellness clinics or anyone that puts no price on good health.

Three effective therapies applied simultaniously:

1. Ozone Therapy:

Improves the carry-ability of haemoglobin to supply more oxygen to all cells in the body. Activates the white blood cells (immune system) to improve overall health. Medical grade ozone is pumped into the pos at just the correct intervals.

2. Resonance Therapy:

Resonance therapy has proven its ability to destroy cancerous cells as well as various pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) which invade the body and hampers health. While inside the pod the patient's hands rest on electrodes with an intensity control. 60 of the most effective resonance treatments including detox, cancer and fatburner are available.

3. FAR Infrared Therapy (Dry heat)

Rids the body of accumulated toxins by promoting perspiration at a safe, lower and more comfortable DRY heat than a traditional sauna (humid heat).

Its rays penetrate the skin and underlying tissues up to 45mm deep to help disperse congestions, increase circulation, and help the immune system fight off diseases by raising the body’s temperature.

Increases the body’s metabolism by invigorating the cardiovascular system and burning away calories (weight loss).

Expels more toxins than conventional saunas, including: heavy metals, sodium, ammonia, uric acid and fat-soluble toxins.

Price: R75 000

Delivery and installment costs are extra and may vary depending of location to be delivered. For more on-line information go to the CONTACT