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Rife Health presents workshops and seminars in all of South Africa’s main centres to educate people on resonance and ozone therapies as well as other natural healing methods.

For more information on the workshops (Map, speakers, agenda etc) contact Gerard Smit on 082 659 2547 or email him at gsmit@wave.co.za OR CLICK HERE to book.


Previous Guest speakers:

Cecile Cuenod. Herbalist and tissue salts therapist


Cecile Cuenod is an iridologist, a herbalist and very knowledgeable on Tissue Salts. Herbalism has been part of her entire up-bringing and life, while iridology and Tissue Salt Therapies have been included as support structures to her innate knowledge and practice. She is an excellent speaker and her talks are very popular.

Cecile’s approach to health and healing is fundamentally simple, natural, balanced and holistic. While nutrition is one of the corner stones of her approach to health and healing, the Tissue Salts address cellular health and the herbs support the healing in re-building the body.

The pace of life, stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, electro-magnetic gadgets, pollution etc, have all taken a great toll on everyone’s lives today and while medicine can be miraculous at times it does not address the questions of that which causes us to get so sick or how to withstand this tidal wave.

Cecile’s recipe is basically one of giving the physical body salts that can replace depleted minerals and restore cell health so that the body can more affectively use the herbs, food and medications for health and healing.

Dr. Ilona Visser. Specialist dentist. Speaking at the Cape Town on toxins caused by dental fillings and on gum diseases.

Senior Consultant at Cape Town Smile Studios


Areas of Special Interests:
Areas of Focus:

Diagnosis and treatment of toxic teeth and their relationship to cavitations and chronic health problems.

Non-surgical treatment of TMJ, and functional dental medicine.

Safe removal of amalgam fillings.

Dr Visser has practised clinical family dentistry since 1990, and for the last 10 years she has focused on mercury-free/biological dentistry. Over the last several years, she has advocated “cleaner” dental offices by eliminating mercury (silver) fillings as a material for dental fillings. She uses high-efficiency office air cleaners in dental offices to remove the harmful mercury vapors released when old mercury amalgam fillings are removed.

Because of her awareness of the toxic and harmful elements in a dental office, her family dental practice has attracted many patients who are environmentally and chemically sensitive, and who require more intense evaluation before dental treatment can begin. During the last decade, she has focussed on integrating the medical components of biological dentistry to whole person treatment involving the sequencing of alternative treatments that are fully integrated with all health care providers for the most efficacious treatment that is cost effective and encourages patient and health practitioner involvement. In this regard, and as part of a team treating heavy metal toxic patients in South Africa, she has successfully treated many mercury toxic patients.

Her first book,  The Big Dental Lie


Dr Phil Kruger has a Phd in Metrology and is a qualified Clinical Thermographer.
He uses an instrument that scans the different temperature areas in the body to identify health problems, especially cancer growth in early stages. See his website
www.thermalhealthcenturion.co.za for more information.



Gerard Smit explaining Rife Therapy to a workshop in Potchefstroom.

Dr Herman Spies, was one of the guest speakers at a Cape Town Workshop in April 2010. Dr. Spies is registered with both the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Medical Doctor, and furthermore with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa for Homoeopathy, Acupuncture and as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. He is also using Rife Therapy in his practice. For more information on Dr. Spies: CLICK HERE.


No place too far: Some Rife device owners that attended a workshop in Stilbaai on 18 August 2010.