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Rife Health presents workshops and seminars in all of South Africa’s main centres to educate people on resonance and ozone therapies as well as other natural healing methods.

Workshops for owners of Rife Health devices:

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Saturday 28 September 2019

Cape Town:

Saturday 23 Novemberr 2019

Ramasibi Guesthouse

83 Uys Krige Dr, Panorama, Cape Town

R150 per person. Refreshments and Notes included. (R100 pp extra for lunch)

Session 1: Rife Owners: Rife and Ozone Therapy
9:30 am to 1 pm 

Lunch in restaurant on site R100

Session 2: Bodysonic Owners 

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

For more information on the workshops (Map, speakers, agenda etc) contact Gerard Smit on 082 659 2547 or email him at gsmit@wave.co.za OR CLICK HERE to book.

When owners of Rife resonators come together....


Theme of Workshops: Natural Healing with Technology

Learn about frequency healing, ozone therapy and MRA scanning with the Bodysonic.

  With knowledge gained at this workshop you will be empowered to apply safe and effective technology that will make a positive change to your life.
  Part of Rife Health's after sales service policy is to invite clients to attend the regular workshops on the application of Rife resonators and ozone generators. Attendees are welcome to share information and ask questions.
  At these Workshops there are 2 sessions one after the other. The first one will be on Rife and Ozone therapies to treat chronic diseases and to treat cancer. The 2nd session will deal with the latest technology to obtain a credible health scan of one's body. Special emphasis will be on the BodySonic technology from Russia.
  Qualified and experience guest speakers are also invited to speak to the attendees on a topical health issue. The aim of these workshops is to empower these device owners to obtain more effective and quicker results.
  By making a choice to live healthier one sometimes needs a tool to achieve your goals of a healthier lifestyle. By having a regular health scan and then to apply your own Wave Resonator and Ozonator one can achieve that goal.
  Please book your place at the following link.





Gerard Smit explaining Rife Therapy to a workshop in Potchefstroom.

Dr Herman Spies, was one of the guest speakers at a Cape Town Workshop in April 2010. Dr. Spies is registered with both the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Medical Doctor, and furthermore with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa for Homoeopathy, Acupuncture and as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. He is also using Rife Therapy in his practice. For more information on Dr. Spies: CLICK HERE.


No place too far: Some Rife device owners that attended a workshop in Stilbaai on 18 August 2010.