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Rife Health Workshops

Intensive BodySonic Workshops coming up!!!

Rife Health presents workshops and seminars in all of South Africa’s main centres are to educate clients and their guests on resonance and ozone therapies as well as other natural healing disciplines. 

Part of Rife Health's after sales service policy is to invite clients to attend the regular workshops on the application of Rife resonators and ozone generators. Attendees are welcome to share information and ask questions. Gerard (Gerrie) Smit has more than 20 years of experience on the application of these and similar devices.


Qualified and experience guest speakers are also invited to speak to the attendees on a topical health issue. The aim of these workshops is to empower these device owners to obtain more effective and quicker results.


By making a choice to live healthier one sometimes needs a tool to achieve your goals of a healthier lifestyle. By having a Wave Resonator and an Ozonator at your disposal you can achieve that goal. Suddenly you are empowered with safe and effective technology that makes a positive change to your life. 


Already thousands of South Africans own a Wave Resonator and many more are obtaining now ozonators as well. At these health seminars Gerrie Smit from Rife Health SA will share his company's 19 years of experience on applying technology to gain a healthier life. 


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