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Rife Health Workshops

Theme of Workshops: Natural Healing with Technology
Learn about frequency healing, ozone therapy, and MRA scanning with the Bodysonic.
With knowledge gained at this workshop, you will be empowered to apply safe and effective technology that will positively change your life.
Part of Rife Health's after-sales service policy invites clients to attend regular workshops on applying Rife resonators and ozone generators. Attendees are welcome to share information and ask questions.
The aim of these workshops is to empower these device owners to obtain more effective and quicker results.
By making a choice to live healthier, one sometimes needs a tool to achieve your goal of a healthier lifestyle. One can achieve that goal by having a regular health scan and then applying your own Wave Resonator and Ozonator.
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09/12/2023 BodySonic recap


Cape Town

Cape Town

25/11/2023 Bodysonic recap



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