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Rife Health in Action

Rife Health was founded already in 1999 by Gerard (Gerrie) Smit with the aim to manufacture and distribute Rife resonators at affordable prices. Since then Gerard has traveled extensively to the USA, the UK, Austria, Germany and Switzerland to obtain the latest technology advances and research results regarding resonance (Rife) therapy.

Gerard also travels all over South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana to visit clients and to present workshops and seminars. To make contact with him: CLICK HERE.

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For more information visit www.rifehealth.co.za, www.riferesonator.com and www.waveresonator.com or call Gerard Smit at 082-659-2547 or email him at info@wave.co.za

Gerard Smit from Rife Health with Mr. Bob Haining, a scientist and developer of Rife-type instruments, in November 1999 in the UK. The visit to Mr. Haining was reported in the local news paper.

2005. In Switzerland with Dorette and Thomas Boehme in Dorette's health and beauty clinic. Thomas is the inventor of the Fscan device. Rife Health is the official agent for the Fscan computer linked devices in South Africa. (For more information on the Fscan CLICK HERE)

Gerard Smit from Rife Health with Sister Olivia from Carltonville Cancer Hospice, donating a Rife instrument to the Hospice. Rife Health has over the years donated several instruments to cancer associations and old age homes.

Gerard Smit with Prof. Mosje Dijani in June 2010 in South Africa. Prof. Dijani had the previlage to have met Dr. Rife and Prof. Dijani brought the first Rife-type instrument to South Africa.

Visiting clients: Mr Deon Adendorf, the owner of a wellness clinic in Heidelberg was visited by Gerard Smit from Rife Health in March 2012.

Dr. Palian Dorsamy (On the left), a homoeopath from Madagascar came to South Africa in April 2012 to obtain his WaveScan Training from Rife Health. In the middle is Dr. Henning Smit, a natural healing therapist and Gerard Smit, at Dr. Smit's practise in Centurion.

Gerard Smit, Dr Ilze Pretorius and John Morford at the Pretoria Workshop in June 2012. Dr Pretorius gave a lecture on Lyme's disease and John shared his experience how he was cured from Ricettsia by using Rife Therapy.

Another visit to TB Electronics in 2015 to investigate their new pathogen scanners and compact Rife resonators.