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There are seven few basic steps one needs to follow to ensure good health:

1. Ensure that harmful pathogens and cancerous cells in your body are timely destroyed.

2. Increase your intake of oxygen.

3. Eat clean nutritional food and take quality vitamin and mineral supplements.

4. Drink more, clean water

5. Reduce sugar consumption

6. Exercise

7. Have a positive outlook on life.

By making a choice to live healthier one sometimes needs an accelerator to achieve your goals of a healthier lifestyle. By having a Wave Resonator and an Ozonator at your disposal you can achieve that goal. Suddenly you are empowered with tools that makes a positive change to your life.

One can assist the body in destroying harmful pathogens and cancerous cells by going on regular sessions with a Wave Resonator.

Use an ozone generator that has a wide variety of beneficial applications such as disinfecting food, clean the air of viruses and bacteria, oxygenate water and accelerate wound healing.

Already thousands of South Africans own a Wave Resonator and many more are obtaining now Ozonators as well. Join the health wave and start taking control of your health. Keeping you healthy may be an expensive exercise. Save money and invest in a Resonator and/or Ozonator. This once off expenditure WILL save you thousands of Rands in the future PLUS there are no side effects AND you are getting rid of toxic medical alternatives such medicine. There is no risk in trying out a Rife Health device such as an Ozonator or Resonator with Rife Health’s buy-back guarantee. One can only benefit.