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One can assist the body in destroying harmful pathogens and cancerous cells by going on regular sessions with a Wave Resonator

An ozone generator such as the Rife Health Ozonator on the other hand has a wide variety of beneficial applications such as disinfecting food, clean the air of viruses and bacteria, oxygenate water and accelerate wound healing.

(Pictures of products are just an indication. Sometimes enclosures and packaging may change because of continuous development, but the functionality as explained on this website stays the same).

Because of the emphasis of frequencies that combat infections in resonance therapy, the RifeHealth resonators can be used to treat in a complementary manner a wide variety of illnesses caused by infections, especially by Streptococci and Staphylococci.

The Rife Health resonators’ design and development are based on accumulated research data spanning many years. Not only did the designers and developers concentrate on the bio-resonance generation but also on the technological materials used in the generator. This broad front design approach forced them to give close attention to the user interfacing of the instrument as well. Making ease of use top priority.

Even without instructions you will be able to understand the intuitive interface.

The interface of all the resonators are similar of that of a cell phone.
If you can operate a cell phone you can operate a Rife Health resonator.
You will get a manual and instructions as well as a video with your purchase.
You are always welcome to call during South African office hours if you need anything explained.

A Rife Health resonator or ozonator comes with a complete set of accessories and the necessary manuals and easy to understand instructions to enable the user to start operating it immediately.

The Rife Health Resonators have treatments for almost all ailments that can be treated with resonance therapy.

Please note that by law Rife Health may not claim that resonators have any healing properties, but what we do claim is that our frequency generators (Resonators) comply with the requirements set by resonance therapists for using in resonance therapy. We have sold more than 6000 instruments to satisfied customers and we are so sure that your health will indeed benefit by using the resonators regularly that we a 3 month buy back

Except for above customer support we also have regular workshops which you can attend at a nominal fee.






The Rife Wave

The world's best selling frequency generator that can be applied to Rife (resonance) therapy is now even more compact. Very easy to operate. It has all the treatments to address the most common ailments and health problems already loaded on the device: No need to add anything as it is already there but if however the need arise to add you own range of frequencies you can do that by just connecting it with the supplied connecting cord to a computer and use the easy software to edit treatments. Frequencies are available at this LINK.

Battery supported and very powerful.

R5 400

The Rife Wave 3.  

1110 preset treatments and one can add 50 more treatments directly on the unit. 2 hours of battery standby means you do not need to be close to an electricity source to do a treatment. Now in a slimmer designed extra strength polyurethane enclosure to ensure durability and mobility.

R7 600

The Wave Practioner. 

1110 preset treatments and one can add 50 more treatments directly on the unit. One edit on the unit. One can add any treatment or create a sequence of treatment (Grouping). Work only on mains to ensure consistent current delivery.

R7 800

FScan 3 - Unlimited channels with scanning function to detect pathogens, parasites and fungi. It scans and treat. Delivery and training included in the price.

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R44 000


Health analysing devices


The Bodysonic MRA

A non-linear magnetic resonance analyser.

A complete health analysing system that scans the whole body within 40 minutes for health anomalies.

This device is only imported on special order. Please enquire about current price. About R24 000.


The BodySonic Health Analyser

The Bodysonic analyzes the body's systems to test if they are functioning normal.  It also tests other factors that have an influence on the body functions such as vitamins and minerals.  CLICK HERE for more information.

R12 000.


The Ozonator

Ozonators generate ozone to disinfect air and/or water from pathogens and pollutants. R1200.00

Please also ask about our industrial ozonators for waiting rooms, restaurants and hotels.

(Pictures of products are just an indication. Sometimes enclosures and packaging may change because of continuous development, but the functionality as explained on this website stays the same). 


Accessories to the resonators


Rife Healthpad (Extra accessory to the Wave resonators)
Electromagnetic mat.  Ideally suited for animals and children or treating while sleeping. It is made with waterproof vinyl on the one side and durable cloth on the other side. Use the vinyl side for animals and children and the cloth side for having a treatment while sleeping. Large enough to cover the size of the average human torso.

R 690



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